Happy Birthday, Charlie Blake


As you know, this year, Arcadia celebrates ten years since we were first introduced to Charlie Blake and the gang. Today, August 12th, we celebrate Charlie Blake’s birthday. What better way than with some Arcadia treats?

First, it’s time for an update to the characters’ depiction. Thus far, we have a new set of portraits of five very key characters who are the foundation of the Arcadia Saga. Let’s welcome Charlie Blake, Alexandra Dench, Richmond Kerd, Derkein Odessa and Candra (yes, it’s just Candra!)

First Up: Charlie Blake

Alex Dench

Richmond Kerd

Derkein Odessa


Second, who fancies a new Laptop Wallpaper or phone Lock Screen? Head over the the Arcadia Saga Official Fan Club on Facebook and download your high resolution Arcadia wallpapers.

Third, for all those who don’t have a copy of the complete collection but want to get a feel of what the series is about, between August 12 – 16, Talisman Of El (Arcadia, Book 1) will be free on Amazon, so pop over and grab yourself a copy. Even if you already own a copy, gift a copy to your family and friends so you can read together and share your thoughts.

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