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Ground Zero
Arcadia, Book 3
Al Stone
YA Fantasy
Publisher: Centrinian
Publication Date: 12 August 2020 (first published 17 February 2016)
ISBN: 978-0995494176
Pages: 656

Book Description:

Only a few ever survive.

This time …

No one will.

That is unless Charlie Blake can locate all four diamonds to restore the Talisman of El and receive his calling from the remaining three elements before the Annus Magnus strikes. With both Arcadia and the mortal world in a state of unrest, his life quickly spirals out of control as it seems everyone has put a bounty on his head. Maybe even his closest allies.

Not knowing who to trust, Charlie starts to dig up the past. When new revelations arise, he begins to question whether the Legion of Light really is what it claims to be and whether he’s been fighting for the wrong side all along. The line between good and evil is no longer as clear-cut as it used to be, especially when it appears Charlie’s destiny could very well be to destroy everything he loves.

Hero or villain? Charlie isn’t so sure anymore.


OVER A THOUSAND FEET of nothingness separated Charlie Blake and concrete. A sense of calmness radiated through him as he listened to the call of the city. Had it been any other occasion, he would have tuned the noise out. Not today. He needed the reminder for why he was standing on the rooftop of one of the tallest, most iconic buildings in the world. One thing was certain: it wasn’t for the view.

On days like these, Charlie often found himself yearning for instantaneous premonitions to forewarn him when his plans were flawed – or, in this case, utterly ludicrous. Admittedly, it wasn’t his wisest idea but rather a spur of the moment decision. After weeks of failed attempts and frustration, it had finally come down to this. There was no other choice. He had to do it.

Tilting his head back, he stared up at the specs of stars scattered across the dark sky, and then he closed his eyes, inhaling the clean, fresh air. He outstretched his arms to the sides and inched forward, feeling the tips of his trainers hanging off the ledge. Within seconds, he tipped forward and plunged over the edge.

The surrounding noise vanished almost immediately. The cool air struck him hard against his chest as it clung to him, a welcoming embrace. The moment he caught whiff of a stale, pungent odour, he opened his eyes.

Although there were street lights and illumination from the surrounding structures below him, the darkness gained prominence the farther he fell. He was at the midway point, his speed increasing the closer he got to the ground, his breath trapped in his throat.

Charlie closed his eyes. You just had to pick me, didn’t you? he thought. A warm sensation coursed through him, and his body started to tingle. For a moment, he felt as if he was floating, his breathing returning to normal –

Taken from Chapter One

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